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Nigel has investigated hundreds of domestic fires ranging from small accidental incidents to complete losses. The average cost of a domestic fire, to the Insurance Industry is £50k. The correct diagnostic of the cause of these fires can reflect on which insurance company takes liability for payment.

Nigel has investigated hundreds of commercial fires with losses, from small shop fires to multi-millions pound warehouse and distribution centre fires. The correct diagnostic of the cause of these fires can reflect on which insurance company takes liability for payment.

Nigel initiated procedures within the Fire Service which led to improved evidence gathering from vehicle fires and has led forensic recovery teams at numerous high profile crime scenes where vehicles have been destroyed by fire having been used in serious crimes. He has investigated car fires following Fatal Road Traffic Collisions working with Police Accident Investigators to establish why vehicles have ignited after a collision. He has also investigated large losses involving large numbers of parked vehicles to identify which vehicle(s) was the source of ignition

With the increase in canal living, Nigel has investigated numerous fires within canal and river boats. Much like vehicle fires he has also been called upon to retrieve evidence of serious crimes which perpetrators have tried to conceal by destroying the boats with fire.

Nigel has investigated over 80 fatal fire incidents, involving the loss of over 100 lives and has attended Coroners Court or Crown Court as an expert witness for all of these cases.

Large Losses
Large losses whether industrial, retail, educational, housing stock, or agricultural, have an impact on the community and individuals. The correct diagnosis of the cause will lead to an early settlement and reduce the impact the fire has on those involved

School Fires
The impact of a school fire on communities cannot be measured merely in a currency value. The early diagnosis of the cause of a school fire elevates the pressures put on the School, Local Education Authority, and those wrongly suspected of at fault, as well as the identification of the person, or failure that has been responsible for the fire, allowing the school and the community to move forward. Nigel has investigated over twenty major fires in schools along with numerous small incidents.

PGcertHE&PP  (PG Cret Higher Education and Professional Practice) So I am now a fully qualified University lecturer.

MCSFS (Member of Chartered Society of Forensic Science)
A module leader at Wolverhampton University in the modules for; Fire Investigation, and Fire Development and Extinguishing.
A lecturer at Wolverhampton University and The International Fire Training Centre,
An instructor for Artemis Training and Development, training Fire Officers in Fire Rescue Services across the Country.An Associate Member of the International College of Engineering and Management.
Fire Service of Oman – www.fsecoman.com
Birmingham Colleges
Wolverhampton University
Fire Investigation Services, 95, New John Street, Halesowen, West Midlands B62 8HH