I was fundamental in setting up the West Midlands Fire Service Youth Offender project and have worked with some of the most prolific offenders, as well as young people who have started fires out of curiosity.

By using real case studies and explaining the implications of their actions offenders can be made aware of the dangers of their activities and, in the majority of cases moved away from their fire setting behaviour. This often involves working with not only the offenders but their parent(s) and siblings, or carers.

Measures can be put into place which reduces the setter’s opportunity to start fires.

The chains of a habit are generally too small to be felt, until they are too strong to be broken.

Dr Samuel Johnson


This quote is never truer than in a youth fire setter. Early and relevant intervention will stop a young fire setter developing into a dangerous arsonist.

• Work with youth fire setters, to educate them into the dangers
• Explain fire setting and the Law
• Education to the dangers of fire
• Education on how fire causes are carried out and how it is often easy to identify offenders